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Welcome to Envoy Virtual

Who We Are

Envoy Virtual is a virtual airline modeled after Envoy Air, Inc., with the goal of mimicing the operations of the largest wholly owned regional airline of American Airlines.

Our Vision

Envoy Virtual strives to be a virtual airline where its members can enjoy the flight simulation hobby, the modeling of the operations of an extremely large regional airline, as well as grow in their general knowledge regarding aviation.

Our Fleet

Envoy Virtual uses the exact same fleet that Envoy Air, Inc. uses. This includes 3 Embraer ERJ140 Long Range aircraft, 58 Embraer ERJ145 Long Range aircraft, 2 Embraer ERJ170 Long Range aircraft, and 100 Embraer ERJ175 Long Range aircraft.

Our Hubs

Our bases could not be any better for our pilots, with bases in Charlotte, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, and Washington D.C., with easy commuting into or out of their base.

Our Staff

We pride ourselves in having some of the best of the best when it comes to our staff. From Lead Station Agents all the way to Human Resources, each staff member has been determined to be an extreme asset to both the virtual airline and to its members.

Your Time Here

We encourage our members to have the most fun they possibly can while they are a part of Envoy Virtual. We also hope that for each of our members, they learn something about aviation they never knew before. Finally, we hope that our members find their time here to be a time where they have a good community to be involved in.

What's Happening At Envoy Virtual

Major Hubs